Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffee with Baron Samedi

The Baron showed up in our lives a couple of weeks before Hurricane Katrina. He just showed up with no warning. He didn’t seem to want anything, he just hung out and drink coffee. Now, let me tell you...the Baron has a definite presence to him. Generally, he makes people horny and sleepy.

We got to know the Baron pretty well in those couple of weeks. He has a wonderful sense of humor and he loves coffee…Especially Starbucks coffee. And porn. He’s a big fan of porn. He is a jovial guy. He’s tired of black and purple. He feels that it’s way over done. He’s quite fond of bright, multi-colored clothing. He’s also likes green. I believe the Baron has a strong shamanistic origin and that could be where the green comes into it. He’s very earthy. Sometimes he’s hard to understand because he comes from a dreamy place. He commonly comes in your dreams. More than once I have woken up not being able to remember my dream but just knowing he was there.

The Baron has obvious connections to sex and death but really he can help end any situation. He’s also the last doorway between life and death so some people will ask him to intercede on behalf of a sick person. If the Baron doesn’t take them, they will not go. Don’t try to do spells to him. Just ask him to do something. He’ll either do it or he won’t. He doesn’t have initiates or priest/priestesses but I have heard him refer to his “favorites.” Besides coffee, the Baron also likes dark rum, cigars and tobacco and Starbuck’s coffee flavored liqueur. He’s very fond of the Blondie song “Rapture.” Watch the video.

So, for two weeks we sat around staring at each other wondering why he was around. And then the hurricane hit. We watched on the news as New Orleans drowned. It was surreal. The Baron watched with us, silent but present. Suddenly, he had nothing to say. San Antonio, Texas (where some of us reside) started accepting evacuees pretty quickly. Our city ended up hosting a large number of folks from Louisiana. After awhile I got tired of watching the news and crying all the time, so I went down and volunteered with the Red Cross for a couple of days. It made me feel better.

Quite a few of the folks from evacuation ended up staying in San Antonio. San Antonio is a city that’s always been pretty racially diverse and now we have the benefit of a little more New Orleans flavoring. We are lucky in that several new Cajun restaurants have opened (yeah!). Now, if we could just get a Café du Monde! The Baron has also stayed here in our lovely city.

I don’t know how much the Baron knew about the hurricane ahead of time. I do believe that’s why he came. I am glad he did, I just wish the circumstances had been different but my spiritual ohana is better for it.