Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Date with Chango

What Chango is best at is lighting a fire under our proverbial tushes and get us moving. Chango is the fire in our bellies, the spark that makes us want to get up off the couch and do something.

Chango showed up in my life full force 6 days after my first husband left me for an ugly woman. I was in total shock and disbelief. I felt alone, fat and ugly. In my worst moment, Chango sent “Matt.” Matt was several years younger than me, fun, full of life and great in the sack. He was Irish with bright red hair and played in a band. I had met Matt a few weeks before the break-up and as soon as he found out I was single, he called.

Frankly, this child of Chango was exactly what I needed at that moment to make me feel special. It only lasted six weeks (alas, Matt had a temper and frankly wasn’t very bright) but the relationship served its purpose. My spiritual light had been rekindled and I felt like a girl again.

Chango has the ability to make us feel alive again so that we don’t wallow in our own personal swamp hell. He sparks our inner spirit until we have enough energy to sustain our own inner fire.

The energy that rekindled my spiritual life is the same energy that makes a 40 year old man suddenly buy a Corvette, grow a pony tail and start dating 20 year olds. Feeling alive takes many manifestations. While I’m not gonna knock the Corvette, I do recommend channeling more of that energy inwards and less into screwing 20 year olds.

Chango’s energy is not permanent. Even when I was in my relationship with Matt, I knew it wasn’t permanent. Rebound guy never lasts long but I also knew to enjoy the ride while it lasted.

Every once in a while, Chango shows up full force in my life again. He always comes with a purpose (to give me inspiration, to help me heal, etc.). I know he won’t stick around long but I should enjoy his company while he’s here.