Friday, October 2, 2009

The Spiritual Rollercoaster

It's funny have everything runs in cycles. The last few months I've dealt with tons of life-drama including the house my step-children lived in burning down, a close relative getting into a bad relationship and crazy drama at work. Then a couple weeks ago, like a light switch being turned off, all the life drama stops and the spiritual fastlane begins.

My whole group seems to have hit the down slope on the rollercoaster at the exact same moment. It's time likes this that I keep my emergency tarot deck with me at all times and a spell-casting crash kit by the front door.

As many times as this cycle seems to repeat itself, I'm always amazed at how it seems the entire universe can be in cahoots in making sure we live in interesting times. While these fast periods certainly make for some great stories, it also all too easy to lose your way. It's makes it all the more important to have in tune/well grounded people around you to reign you in when you've gone too far.

I've noticed that some deities especially like the "hot" season (yes Chango-I'm talking about you). However, some will move to the back and wait for things to cool down again before making their presence known. There's also a danger that messages and dreams will start coming so fast that you can't keep up, so I tell my students to write everything down so you can try to make sense of it later.

Well, maybe I'll get some sleep come New Year's.