Sunday, March 21, 2010

Be very afraid.

This is face of true evil. He is Bouncer T. Kitty, Darth "Boo," the Dark Lord and Emperor of all he surveys (including the porch and the back yard and the fence that seperates this complex from the one next door).

He will stalk you like wild game under the darkness of cover, pounce on you like a fat kid on a cupcake, sink his sharp teeth into your ankle like a tiger killing a gazelle and run away like the little bitch that he is to get out of butt-swatting distance and mock your ability to bleed profusely.

He will also meow loudly at you for no reason whatsoever. He will hide anything small and valuable. He will poop in your shoe.

This is the face of true evil. Don't let the little pink ball fool you.