Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't we all just get along?

My intent when I started this blog was for it to be spiritual, not political. There are lots of blogs out there dedicated to politics and the world probably doesn't need another one.

That being said, something interesting happened today that I just want to share.

Yesterday, at the gym at work, 2 men were having quite the loud conversation about the health insurance bill that just got passed. Their tone was horribly disrespectful and so shockingly negative that I had to get myself out of there before I started screaming at them.

To be fair, yes, I am a left-leaning Democrat but I have many friends, family and acquaintances who lean the other direction and we are normally able to carry on serious political discussions like civilized people.

So, this morning, in my office, 2 older gentlemen that I work with started having a similar conversation, although their tone wasn't nearly as disrespectful. This time I couldn't run because it was my office.

I let this go on awhile before finally explaining my own personal experience. I told them that I was recently diagnosed with a serious health issue that had gone undiagnosed because for the five years I was a graduate student, I couldn't afford health insurance. I then told them that because my condition was undiagnosed and therefore untreated, it has probably shortened my lifespan. I then went on to explain that due to this condition, I will probably not be able to get health insurance coverage and unless something changes, I will have to stay with my current employer, whether I want to or not.

Both men went on to explain how they had family members with similar stories.

I asked both of the men if the had ever heard anyone talk about how much they loved their health insurance and both men said "no."

I then said, so we can all agree that the current system is terrible and needs to be fixed, we just don't agree on how it should be done. They both said "yes."

At that point, the two gentlemen quickly changed the subject. Maybe they were afraid I was going to ask a follow-up question like "So how should we go about fixing it?"