Saturday, March 20, 2010


Several years ago, I got serious about working with plant spirits. I was able to make contact with several plant spirits including: honey mesquite, hackberry, lavender and chickweed.

Chickweed, Stellaria media, is a annual plant that thrives in cool weather. It creates mats and has small white, star-shaped flowers. Edible and nutritious, chickweed is often eaten in salads. There was a large mat of chickweed growing next to the apartment we lived in at the time so finding living chickweed wasn't an issue.

My first contact with the spirit of chickweed actually made my finger tingle for several minutes. I remember her (she felt feminine) hanging around for a couple of days. She had a airy, nuturing feel to her. The impression I got from chickweed was that she could help support a person (nutritionally and emotionally) as they face difficult times. I believe the energy of this plant can help you find your destiny. She was a very friendly spirit.

Like many people in the area, I lost a lot of plants this winter due to the weather so I have begun clearing out the dead plants to make way for the new. Imagine my surprise when I found bunches of chickweed in three different pots. I don't know how she got there but I'm gonna try to keep her going in at least one of the pots. Maybe this is the plant kingdom sending me some support in the form of a friendly star-shaped face.