Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Hawai’ian Heart

Several months ago, I participated in the Reiki initiation of a friend of mine. My friend just happens to be Hawai’ian. During his initiation, several Hawai’ian deities showed up and a couple hung out for several weeks afterwards. One of those individuals was Hina, the goddess of the moon.

Hina is one of the ancestral goddesses of the Hawaiian people. She is queen of the female goddesses (akua) and watches over pregnant women and childbirth. Besides her connection to the moon, Hina is also connected with cloth making, the island of Moloka’i, the sea and medicines from the sea. She is often described as a very beautiful, smart and determined young woman who is pursued by men and other creatures. She has many forms including a coral reef and the leaves of the limu kala seaweed. Hina is normally linked with the god Ku and her yin nature often balances his yang.

Hina immediately grabbed a hold of me and spent the next several days working on my heart chakra. It was like I could feel her delicate fingers actually inside my chest cavity messaging my heart. This means, of course, that I spent about week crying for no reason.

Due to pain I suffered when I was younger, my heart chakra has always been a weak spot. I’ve worked on it through the years with limited success but she was able to heal more scar tissue in a few days than I have in a couple of decades. The interesting part of this story is I lived in Hawai’i when I was in my 20’s and spent 2-1/2 of the most peaceful years of my life there. I don’t think it was an accident that a goddess from Hawai’i helped me find a little more peace.

I’ve continued working on my heart chakra and whenever I have trouble getting that chakra to open, I just call on Hina. Other then my sincere gratitude, Hina asked for nothing in return so I have tried to share her spirit by performing chakra-healing work on other people.