Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One of the things I love about this time of year is the bloom of the Texas Redbuds. Within the last 2 weeks, the Redbuds have just exploded with flowers here in Central Texas and since pink is my favorite color, this makes me very happy.

The Texas Redbud, a small tree native to this area, produces a beautiful pink flower prior to leafing out. In full bloom, a Redbud is very showy and stands out for quite a distance. It serves as a wonderful announcement of spring.

The tree itself has a warm, inviting energy. The bright pink flowers are edible and have a slightly sweet flavor to them.

On my webpage, I link the Texas Redbud to the Pomba Gira. If you have ever met any of these ladies, you would know that they never enter a room quietly. They want banners flying, horns blowing and strobe lights flashing when they show up. The Redbud tree is the exact same way, she announces spring with loud music and jazz hands.