Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pan (pt II)

Pan showed up a couple of weeks ago. Now that we've gotten to know each other better, I'ld like to add some more information.

First off, Pan doesn't like excuses. He can be quite the task-master and is driving me pretty hard. I've got a really busy agenda and I'm doing my best to stick to it 'cause i can feel him over my shoulder.

Next, Pan is not a fan of the TV. He doesn't mind having music playing but he's guiding me to turn the TV off if I'm not watching something in particular. He's really not into alot of talking and prefers actions to words...just shut up and do it already.

Pan is also filthy. He loves dirty jokes and some of the most awful thoughts have come out of my mouth the last couple of weeks (some of which weren't from my head).

He prefers the bedroom wombish and dark. My husband isn't a fan but even he has admitted we've both been sleeping so much better since I put two dark blankets up on the bedroom walls. Not only are we sleeping better, but we've both been having LOTS of dreams.

With Pan, I've been working really hard at connecting with my new patio garden plants. I am able to feel them more but I will continue working in that direction. My chamomile, fennel, mint and lettuce plants all seem really happy. BTW-fennel likes it when you breathe on it.

I definitely need to get out into some woods this weekend.