Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Inner Artist

I was watching a youth football game yesterday with the mother of my step-children when a little boy ran by in a homemade mask, to which she commented “don’t you wish we were still that creative?” I responded with “what are talking about…I am still creative.”

I went on to explain that because I am doing web design and graphic arts stuff, both at work and for my personal websites, I get to be creative all the time. So this got me thinking…how many adults are like her, feeling they have no creative outlet in their life.

We force our children to take art in school, usually through high school, because we know that exposure to art in its many forms is critical to developing a well-rounded person, yet how many adults completely abandon any sort of creative activities when they get older.

While I still draw like a drunken second grader, I can use digital tools to create my masterpieces. Instead of displaying my macaroni collages on the front of the refrigerator, I display mine on the internet, for the whole world to see.

Does this make me a happier person…yes, most definitely. I think everyone needs to have a way to express themselves, either by creating art or even just appreciating it. Last year I took a friend to an art museum who had never been to one. She loved it. She had a fabulous experience and she left feeling great.

The medical experts have recommendations for how much exercise we should get a week and how many fruits and vegetables we should consume per day so how about a recommendation on how much finger-painting time we should get in per month?

Can't you just see it?...“The art institute for good mental health recommends every adult gets at least three hours of coloring a month.”

I like it!