Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Moron in the Garden

So, picture a beautiful day last week and I was lucky enough to have taken the day off. I headed out to our local botanical gardens, camera in hand to snap some pics and soak in some plant vibes.

Throughout the gardens, there were these gorgeous red ornamental poppies. I got several great pics of them and I wanted to know what they were. I asked several people but no one seemed to know. On my way out, I asked the guy at the front desk and he said he didn't know but there was an older gentleman standing there who asked me to show him. We walked outside and I pointed at them and the gentleman explained that they were an ornamental hybrid. He also explained that there was a native poppy that was closely related which confused me cause while I'm not an expert, I couldn't think of a native poppy that looked anything like that one.

We continued to talk and then the guy tried to explain to me that our local Prickly Poppy (Agremone spp.)wasn't a poppy at all, but a member of Euphorb family. I had to stop him at that point and tell him that he was mistaken. He just kept insisting that he was right.

Mr Moron went to use the facilities and the guy at the counter explained to me that Mr. Moron has worked at the garden for 28 years and his expertise was in cacti. I left the gardens scratching my head. I headed home and immediately looked up the Prickly Poppy. Good news, I'm not crazy and it is in fact a member of the poppy family.

I think the guy was a moron not because he was wrong, but because he kept insisting he was right and wouldn't even consider the idea that he might have been mistaken.

I don't ever want to be that way. I'm human and I make mistakes. I am open to the idea that no matter what the subject matter, there is someone out there that knows more than I do.