Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The rest of the coffee story

So several days last week, my regular coffee gas station had been closed so I had to go to my alternate coffee gas station. On Friday, I stopped by Starbucks and paid over $4.00 for coffee, essentially clearing my free coffee karma (whew!). Since the gas station was closed, I thought maybe they had fired the free coffee girl which might have explained the free coffee.

I stopped by at a normal hour on Saturday (after my workout) for coffee and there was a note on the door when I went in that said they would now be closing overnight. I got my coffee, paid for it (yeah!) and I asked the day girl if it was a temporary closing or permanent. She said it was probably permanent because they weren't making enough money.

So I have to wonder at this point, did the girl give me free coffee cause she knew that she wasn't going to be working that shift long or did the profits suddenly drop so drastically (because of my free refills) that they decided to change their whole business model? Could go either way.