Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Mystery of Ariadne

So, I'm in office yesterday afternoon (5/21/10), working when a strong presence showed up. Whoever this was actually causing a strong pressure in my left temple. They didn't feel like anyone I knew.

After some detective work, we were able to determine the presence was the Cretan Goddess, Ariadne. I had never met her before yesterday.

I don't know why she is here, hence the mystery, but after seeing the movie "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief," I have been bulking up on my Greek mythology. Many of the deities that have come into our group have come in because someone brought them in, the list of divine ones who have shown up out of the blue is short. Real short.

Maybe the timing is related...or not.

She is definately a love goddess and has strong connections with the deep ocean and the deep earth. She feels peaceful. Besides my temples, I can also feel her in my heart chakra.

She likes caves and mazes and I have already made plans to visit a large cave formation here in Central Texas next weekend. I'm hoping she'll come with us and maybe we can glean a little more info from her.