Saturday, February 6, 2016

Embracing a New Old Life

I spent a long time time tonight talking to my friend X. X has picked up everything and moved back to his hometown in the Pacific Northwest. On the surface, this might seem like a step back but in X's case, it is actually a step forward.

X was caught in a never-ending pattern of drama and decided he had enough. His move back is his opportunity to hit the reset button. Even though he will have to reorganize his entire life, he is embracing the suck and re-establishing his new life in his old place.

Sometimes our path forward requires us to take a step back, regroup, and re-prioritize. Set backs can really assault our egos. We want all of our plans to work out. We want to be brilliant! All the time! Unfortunately, crap happens. The opportunity to succeed also brings the opportunity to fall flat on our butts. Many people feel that failure teaches us more than success. Failure certainly teaches us who we really are.

To really learn from our mistakes, we must drop our egos and inspect our actions. What could we have done better? Do I need to change course or do I need a complete overhaul? These are questions we have to answer honestly.

I have great admiration for X. Once he decided to embrace his new old life, he did it with gusto. He put together a plan and got himself on the road as fast as possible. Years ago, when I was faced with a similar situation, the universe had to drag me kicking and screaming into my new life.

Whether you need a complete overhaul or just need to get out of your rut, change can stimulate growth. Is there something in your life holding you back?